Mountain Peaks on Fire in Chamonix Mont Blanc

A photographic wall print featuring a snow-covered mountain range in the French-Swiss Alps.

A crisp, minimalistic art print that’s perfect for the modern home. Available in a range of sizes and framing options.

Behind The Image

This striking photograph captures the dramatic mountain ridge of the Massif du Mont Blanc in France.

Three mountain peaks are touched by the last light of sunset, which reflects off the snow of their hanging glaciers. Some of the clouds are illuminated in orange light, while more ominous dark clouds loom overhead, separated by a sliver of clear blue sky.

The jagged mountain tops are softened by the ethereal clouds and perfectly balanced by the clear sky, to create a very quiet but powerful scene.

Introducing Blue Hour Art

Blue Hour Art is a series of landscape photography wall prints by photographer and illustrator, Reuben Shaul.

Inspired by the mountains of the Alps, Reuben seeks to capture that fleeting, precious moment between day and night, light and dark, warm and cold. This is a moment of calm and balance we call the ‘blue hour’.

Bring this sense of tranquility into your own home with a Blue Hour Art print.